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Physiotherapy – the non-negotiable

Have you been ignoring your sore shoulder for days and blaming it on your pillow? Or are you hoping that the pain in your ankle from an unprecedented kick during a football match, will subside on its own? If you’re thinking that either of the above-mentioned problems are going to vanish on their own, we hate to break it to you: they are not.
Our body, in its own ways, is always sending us signals when any of our body parts are not doing okay. But more often than not, we choose to overlook these until they become much worse; sometimes because the pain is bearable and other times because we truly believe that the pain will not be as persistent, eventually. Whereas, the fact is: if our body isn’t given the required attention in due time, it is only going to get from bad to worse. However, this can be tackled with one simple solution: Physiotherapy.
Unlike a lot of people who believe that “it’s just exercises” – the truth couldn’t be further from the truth! Physiotherapy is non-negotiable in most orthopaedic and muscle-and-bone related ailments and here’s why:
  • Avoid Surgery: Physical therapy allows the body to heal from an injury and in that case, one might not need the surgery at all. But in cases where the situation is dire, physiotherapy helps develop strength and tenacity required to undergo a surgery and also fastens recovery.
  • Improves Mobility: Physiotherapy helps increase flexibility and dexterity of our body. It enables our body to perform at its optimum with utmost safety.
  • Establishes Centre of Gravity: Physiotherapy improves the balance of the body and helps to find the centre of gravity in the body, preventing falls, and thereby, the injuries caused by it.
  • Manage age-related issues: As we age, our body goes through rigorous changes that affect our day-to-day functioning. But with the help of therapy the effects of ageing can be controlled through exercises and practices.
Most people often mistake the need for physiotherapy only during recovery or rehabilitation from an injury or after some unanticipated illness. Whereas, physiotherapy could be needed by any and all of us, as our body goes through continuous wear and tear. Therefore, most sportsmen, actors or fitness enthusiasts warm-up or seek help from a physiotherapist on a regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, physiotherapy isn’t only for post-op care or for pain management: but also for maintenance of our bodies.
So, the next time your body tells you something, do not ignore it and even when it does not tell you much, stay updated about its status every now and then. A physiotherapist will guide you with respect to the best practices for your body and assist you to manage underlying problems, if any. Remember: Physiotherapy isn’t just preventive but also precautionary.
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