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We are a group of highly qualified and well-experienced healthcare professionals in the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation space. We bring in-depth and hands-on practice in various areas of post-trauma or post-operative physiotherapy care with the best physiotherapist in Bangalore.


Our spectrum of expertise ranges from sports injuries and trauma care, joint replacement, shoulder surgery, spine problems, musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation, and overall fitness. 

Together we are committed to providing you with the best physiotherapy to get you back in action!

Our Founder, Dr Ayyappan V Nair, is a Shoulder Surgeon with extensive training from leading surgeons in Japan, Korea, Australia and more, in the areas of the shoulder, elbow, arthroscopy, reconstruction, robotic joint replacement, and sports trauma surgery. He has been very active in cutting-edge research as well and has numerous publications to his credit.​

Our team offers a holistic treatment experience. Along with specialised physiotherapy services, we provide both preventive and corrective nutrition under the purview of an experienced nutrition and diet consultant. Our athlete patients are also supported by a clinical psychologist specialising in sports psychology to help them perform their best.

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Physio - Sports, Shoulder & Spine Specialist

Physiotherapy clinic


Specialised physiotherapy service with focus on complete strengthening and rehabilitation​

Neuro physiotherapy rehabilitation to improve strength, mobility, balance, coordination

Preventive and curative rehabilitation designed specifically for health issues of the elderly 

Bringing care and rehabilitation to your home for physiotherapy

Range of services including video consultations, just to make the Covid time easier

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Dr. Ayyappan was very thorough in his diagnosis and convincingly finalised the procedure – Laterjet Shoulder Arthroscopy. He connected very well with my son and explained the procedure in detail making the patient completely confident and at ease. Dr Ayyappan meticulously performed the surgery as we all expected. Today my son is completely back to his normal life including some heavy weight lifting; the latter would not have been possible had we adopted any other procedure. We would remain grateful to Dr. Ayyappan forever. 

Bellarmine KC

Dr Ayyappan is highly professional and well qualified for his field…and has good patience level …understands the patient’s pain tolerance well…post-surgery guidance of this doctor is very good. I had frequent shoulder dislocations problem for which I consulted many doctors and everybody had advised for an arthroscopic surgery but I was convinced to get the surgery done from Dr Ayyappan because of his genuine advice

Ritu Hirani

I took my Mom aged 80+ to him and He listened to her politely in spite of my mom’s slow and unclear speech. He then treated her so gently and gave proper medicines which cured her in a short span of time. Never ever I think second to go to him for my consultation. He is the first one who comes to my mind always for any problems related to Shoulder. 

Paul Dinakaran

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Contact Us


Our Address

Bangalore Shoulder Institute & BSI Physiotherapy

#40, Ground Floor, 36th F Cross,
23rd Main, Jayanagar, 4th T Block,
Bangalore 560041
Karnataka, India

+91-7022425881| +91-98467 89204  

Monday – Friday  9 AM – 7 PM

Saturday    9 AM – 7 PM

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