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5 reasons you cannot ignore your posture

Do you experience acute pain in your back or your shoulders every now and then? If the answer is yes, it is because you probably do not have great posture. Most of us go about our daily activities without paying much attention to the pain, tingly feelings or aches in our bodies. Why? because they do not persist.
But did you know that the most common cause of these aches in our bodies is poor posture? Slouching, slumping, and hunching are the root causes of these aches in the body, which worsen as time goes by. Unsupported postures cause the loads on your spine to be distributed incorrectly, weakening the lower back tissues.This tends to push your back beyond its tolerable limit, thereby causing pain.
Having good posture isn’t only about your back or shoulder pain, but in fact, it improves your overall health as well. Here are some benefits of having good posture:
  • The obvious – reduced back pain: More than 25% of people suffer from lower back pain because of bad posture. Sitting in a slouched position for long hours puts excess pressure on the discs and joints. But good posture and the right surface to sit on can ease your back and reduce the risk of chronic back pain.
  • Reduced Headaches: Muscle tension in the upper back and neck regions often leads to headaches. These headaches are known as tension headaches and are common amongst people with poor posture. One can relieve these headaches with certain exercises and yoga asanas, but the right posture can fix them for good.
  • Elevated energy levels: Poor posture often leads to fatigue and exhaustion. It hinders blood circulation, which decreases the energy level considerably. Therefore, having a good posture essentially enables optimum blood circulation, leading to higher levels of oxygen and, thereby, increasing the energy level of our bodies.
  • Increased lung capacity: The pandemic did not leave any stone unturned in emphasising the importance of breath and lung capacity. One of the quickest ways to ensure healthy lungs is by sitting, walking, and standing up straight!
  • Increased Confidence: Having good posture directly boosts our mood and the way we feel about our physical appearance. It empowers us to become more social and active.
Truth be told, the advantages of good posture are endless and these also have a direct effect on all aspects of our being. While exercising is a great way to stay fit, it all starts with the right posture. Having said that, if any body pain persists despite practising having good posture, consult a doctor without much delay!
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