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The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything this year. Avid fitness enthusiasts found themselves deprived of their quality gym time. But with gyms set to re-open in Bangalore, we too are ready with our strategies and services to facilitate your smooth operations in the new normal. 


Some of your members may have been performing exercises at home, but others may not have had a chance. Some may have been sitting before a computer screen for long periods and may have developed stiffness or postural issues as a result. Others may be wanting to return, but apprehensive about the spread of COVID, and in need of extra assurance that all preventative measures are being undertaken.


Whatever your unique situation and challenges may be, we are here to help. Towards this purpose, we have created a COVID protocol and helpline to assist every gym, fitness trainer, and athlete.

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Let us deal with the sanitation and disinfection protocols you need to follow to ensure a COVID-free gym or workout environment.

Regular sanitization of gym equipment and thorough fumigation is a must. In addition, you must train your staff to maintain the hygiene standards, and perform regular quality checks.

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​You can expect all sorts of questions from your clients and trainers. 

- Can we train while wearing a mask?

- What is the right trainer-trainee social distance?” 

Our COVID FAQs are a superb and reliable go-to resource, with answers provided by medical professionals. Rest assured you will get the best advice here.

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​We are available for a one-on-one video consult. Your staff, clients, and athletes can all access this service. From a safe distance.

You can be connected to the right person whose domain expertise you need:

  • Sports physiotherapists

  • Sports medicine consultant

  • Sporty injury Surgeons, or

  • Fitness trainers


You need to ensure regular testing for all your staff so that your clients are safe and can feel that way. 

As a trusted source, we can arrange regular and cost-effective screening packages for your training staff. 


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